The Resort Room

In the first half of the 19th century, Llandudno was a small settlement of miners’ cottages. But from 1850 the town changed its identity and developed into a fashionable seaside resort.

The change is said to have resulted from a chance comment by Owen Williams, an architect from Liverpool. In 1844, in the King’s Head public house, he remarked “What a beautiful place this is and what a fine watering place this would make.” He was overheard by John Williams, the Mostyn, the Mostyn family’s local land agent. The Mostyn family had already arranged for their land between the two Ormes to be drained, and there were ideas for how it should be developed. Lord Mostyn met Own Williams and instructed him to proceed with plans to build a new resort.

Four schools in Llandudno worked alongside Joel Cockrill and Minimal Media to produce the animated story of 150 years of Punch and Judy in North Wales. View it here.

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